Saturday, 23 July 2016

SUNNY DAY BLOG HOP *** A Lisa Lodge Challenge

It has been a long while since I have visited with you my friends.  For this, I apologize.  I promise not to be such a stranger from now on.  My "come-back" blog is very special.  It is a bead challenge from Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.

    You know I was over the moon when I saw this package of goodies.  My mind was all over the place! I love the colors!  I love the cultured sea glass and the brass findings!!   I can make this and I can make that....

Please read on to see what I decided on.

     The very first thing I HAD to make were these GEOMETRIC GLASS EARRINGS:

At this point I need to add a disclaimer....My camera is new and I am trying to figure it out.  The pale glass is a lemon yellow.  I hope that by the time I have these list in my shop I will have the color right.  The circles are periwinkle.  The  thread used is olive drab (it really is the name) waxed Irish linen.  I think I say this every blog hop...but I may just keep these.  

Naturally, When the earrings were done, the matching necklace was screaming to be made!


      I believe the middle pendant shows the detail of the etching in the cultured sea glass.  The word LOVE is etched in bold capital letters.  

     On one side of the necklace you have anchors in the sand; the other sea turtles swimming with the current.  I have aptly (I think, anyway) I LOVE THE BEACH.

     For me, one of the best parts of summer is waking up to the birds singing!  I was so thrilled that Lisa included these sweet song birds in the kits.

These SONG BIRD EARRINGS will be in my shop when I re-open (as well as everything you see on this page).

This piece is presented last because it represents the LAST DAYS of SUMMER,  From the chainmaille rosettes to the teardrop (tears of sadness) crackle glass pendant.

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Please leave you comments below.  Thank you so so much for stopping by!!!  
{{HUGS}}  Rosee



  1. All pretty pieces, glad you enjoyed the theme!

  2. Beautiful pieces, the bird findings were my favorite part of the kit.

  3. Awesome collection, Rosee! Definitely a sunny day theme for sure. SO many fun designs. Hard for me to pick a favorite, but I will go with the geometric glass earrings. A home run. Thanks for being in the hop!

  4. Such a variety! I have to say that I am love with that last necklace.

    1. Thank you Shaiha!!! I wish I was able to get better pictures; it is much sharper in person!

  5. Welcome back Rosee . . . your post was really fun to read. You have such a joyful approach to design and all your pieces have such a unique elegance to them. Get your store back up and running cause I know people will buy these pieces! The last piece has a sense of melancholy to it and I just love the story behind it and the fact that it really speaks to me. That is true artistry . . . bravo!!!