Saturday 23 July 2016

SUNNY DAY BLOG HOP *** A Lisa Lodge Challenge

It has been a long while since I have visited with you my friends.  For this, I apologize.  I promise not to be such a stranger from now on.  My "come-back" blog is very special.  It is a bead challenge from Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.

    You know I was over the moon when I saw this package of goodies.  My mind was all over the place! I love the colors!  I love the cultured sea glass and the brass findings!!   I can make this and I can make that....

Please read on to see what I decided on.

     The very first thing I HAD to make were these GEOMETRIC GLASS EARRINGS:

At this point I need to add a disclaimer....My camera is new and I am trying to figure it out.  The pale glass is a lemon yellow.  I hope that by the time I have these list in my shop I will have the color right.  The circles are periwinkle.  The  thread used is olive drab (it really is the name) waxed Irish linen.  I think I say this every blog hop...but I may just keep these.  

Naturally, When the earrings were done, the matching necklace was screaming to be made!


      I believe the middle pendant shows the detail of the etching in the cultured sea glass.  The word LOVE is etched in bold capital letters.  

     On one side of the necklace you have anchors in the sand; the other sea turtles swimming with the current.  I have aptly (I think, anyway) I LOVE THE BEACH.

     For me, one of the best parts of summer is waking up to the birds singing!  I was so thrilled that Lisa included these sweet song birds in the kits.

These SONG BIRD EARRINGS will be in my shop when I re-open (as well as everything you see on this page).

This piece is presented last because it represents the LAST DAYS of SUMMER,  From the chainmaille rosettes to the teardrop (tears of sadness) crackle glass pendant.

Don't be too sad there are many more SUNNY DAYS at the following blogs.  Check out what these lovely ladies did with their kits:

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Please leave you comments below.  Thank you so so much for stopping by!!!  
{{HUGS}}  Rosee


Tuesday 19 April 2016

SHOP of the WEEK: ALTEREDsewFittingly

Happy Tuesday to you all!!

Today's shop of the week is AlteredsewFittingly.  You may remember BethAnn from my post last August ).  

BethAnn has so many new and wonderful items!!  I just had to share some of them with you!!

BethAnn says her "fascination with the odd perspectives is the key to almost all my designs. Turning things upside down, inside out, imagining another scale, whether super-sized or tiny miniatures and the rich textures of nature are what I try to share in my handcrafts. I love to sew as well and try to incorporate needlework whenever possible."

Here is just a selection of her goodies:

Dollhouse4aDoll'aHouse~TINY~Miniature Dollhouse

Tiny. House for a dollhouse! Unsanded, unpainted, unfinished Balsa wood.

3 Rooms, two upper with a pass-thru doorway, one large room lower level.
Open front with a partial roof, a deep slanting roof on the open back.
Representation of a chimney at one end.

Use your imagination; this can even be decorated and furnished for tiny q-tip people! Added to fairy garden home or put it on a shish-kabob skewer to use for a plant poke! 

SIZE: 2" x 2" x 1"

Pinecone Flowers ~ tiny

Yes, they ARE way more difficult to make than it would appear to be!

Each tiny "flower" is about 1" wide when I have finished carving it, then it's drilled and attached to a painted bamboo shishkabob skewer for a stem. The various sturdy pine cones have also been oven-dried for two hours (eliminating any clinging organisms), dipped in a white primer solution, dried again, then painted with three layers of colorful acrylics, dried once more and finished with a water-resistant top coat.

I like the fantasy varieties best, but many seemingly resemble marigolds, zinnias, chicory, forget-me-nots and johnny jump-up violets to name a few!

Give your potted green plants some encouragement or pop a dash of color into the garden to motivate them to get blooming!

DREAM topsy-turvy BELIEVE

I hand-painted this weathered vintage door panel with highly stylized words to inspire! 

A topsy-turvy whimsical fantasy font that can be hung upside-down to or right side up!
When you "see" the words, it reads "DReAM" one way and "bElieve" the other. 
Rough and uncoated, not a stencil, not a vinyl cut-out, the imperfections are part of its rustic charm. The reverse side has the chippy original paint with an epoxy-glued wire hanger . 

Signed and dated in roman numerals on the edge!


Ladybugs are ADORABLE!!! These mega-LadyBugs are TOUGH, too! (Made of vintage Croquet ball manufacturing discards!

Dressed up to become a splash of color and whimsical highlight in your garden or large flowerpot! Finished with several clear coats of special UV protection polyurethane for outdoor (or indoor) use, they are Numbered, signed and dated by the artist; me!

A "mounting bracket" made of PVC end-cap has been permanently attached to original under surface with clear epoxy before being painted. Re-positionable, it press-fits, attaching to longer sections of PVC pipe "stems" which can be obtained at most hardware stores. They may even cut it for you, (diagram will be enclosed) or use a regular hand- hacksaw to easily cut to custom lengths then spray paint with Krylon for Plastics to blend in with other plant greens, instructions included, to keep your Ladybug flying high ABOVE the height of your growing plants.

Storage Rack ~PlanterBox 
Storage for magazines, mail caddy, a planter for orchids in a bathroom; just a few of the uses you might find for this rustic rescued vintage chair-back. Somewhere, someone will be reminded of Hurricane Sandy if they saw the remains of this spindle bow, but that can be your secret! Made of real wood, this upcycled wall hanging could also sit flat on a shelf.

SIZE: appx. 15" wide x 20" high x 4-1/2" deep

Watermelon, Tree Slice, Primitive, Save-the-Date, Wedding Tablesetting, Summer Party Centerpiece

A fun symbol of abundance: Watermelon! 

These tree slices are the remains of a timber harvest; this section removed just before a tree was felled. Gathered years later from the forest floor it has been dried slowly and heat-treated for sanitation, stained with acrylic paints on one side and matte sealed to resemble a favorite summertime treat!

The other side which was left rough-sawn and unpainted to reveal the natural yearly growth rings (that may still be counted) has been signed and dated by stained carving.

Sustainably harvested from storm damaged trees on private property with respect for ecosystems.

No two slices will be exactly the same.

Thank you for stopping by!!!  Please visit BethAnn at  and me on my new website

Thursday 14 April 2016

SHOP of the WEEK: Cynhumphrey

Hi all!!  

A year ago, I introduced you to Cindy Humphrey's shop: Cynhumphrey. 
Cynhumphrey is the fun shop for all of your affordable homemade jewelry, accessories, and home decor items. 

Today, I am going to introduce you to the artist, herself.  I will, of course, feature some of Cindy's newest items.

Cindy works outside of the home full-time but her true passion "is creating fun jewelry, accessories, and home decor.  Creating treasures, whether they be unique beaded jewelry, recycled items or home decor, is my way of relaxing and having fun. Being able to offer them to you at very affordable prices just makes it better for me!"

Cindy is, also, the captain on the Etsy support team: A Need to Succeed.  As a leader and member of this team, I must say, if Cindy puts half the time, energy, and dedication to her pieces as she does to the team....her pieces are outstanding!

Blue Stacking Bracelet, Cat Charm Bracelet

Blue and Brown Stacking Bracelet with a CAT CHARM focal point. What a FUN way to show your love for cats!

Decorated Toile Theme Clip Board

This toile inspired decorated clipboard measures 9X12 inches and is decoupaged on both sides. 

An excellent choice for teachers, students, and anyone who loves an organized office. The muted purple color makes this a gift idea that will be a conversation piece for sure! Both sides of this decorated clipboard compliment each other, making a beautiful statement no matter which side you are looking at. There is also a retractable tab on the metal part of this decorated clipboard that allows it to hang on the wall when not in use. 

This one-of-a-kind desk accessory was decoupaged with a heavy duty wallpaper, making it easy to clean with a damp cloth. 

Decorative Kilt Pin Pink Beaded Brooch

This decorative pink pin brooch was created on a heavy duty 2 1/2 inch kilt pin. An assortment of pink beads was added and a small decorative skeleton key adds just the right touch to this elegant piece of jewelry. 

Wear this beaded pin on clothing or attach to a fabric purse or even to a book bag. It's a fun way to show you have style! Business to casual, this brooch can cover it all!

Elephant Keyring

This large sturdy key ring would be an EXCELLENT gift for an elephant lover. The beautiful enamel key ring hangs approximately 2 3/4inches long and holds small white jewels. 

Keychains, keychains, keyrings, keyrings, no matter what you call them, this one is a beauty! 

 Blue Elephant Scarf Slide Charm

This homemade elephant scarf pendant is a great gift idea for anyone who loves wild animals. The pendant dangles about 3 1/2 inches long including the antique brass bail. There is a very sparkly blue saddle on this elephant that adds to the beauty. 
PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the PENDANT ONLY. 

Purple Hair Charm

This purple bead hair charm is the perfect addition to your hair jewelry! It certainly gives ponytail holders a whole new look and shows the world you love your bling and aren't afraid to show it! 

DETAILS: The hair charm is attached to a black durable ponytail holder. The silver color chain holds purple glass beads and a purple polymer clay flower. This cute hair accessory will compliment many different outfit styles. Work or play, you're bound to love this!

HOW TO WEAR: Insert your ponytail in the holder, as you would any plain ponytail holder, hold the dangling chain towards your hand, on top of the hair. With your other hand twist the holder around your ponytail until it is secure enough to hold your hair. The chain will dangle at the bottom of your holder when you're done. It's that simple and it looks cute!

Summer Toe Rings

This cute button set of 3 toe rings would be a great addition to your new summer jewelry collection. 

What makes these toe rings so special? They are stretch jewelry cord so one size fits most! One toe ring has small clear seed beads that will wrap around your toe. The other two rings are seed bead free and only have a clear stretch jewelry cord so nothing to irritate under or between the toes! Each ring holds its own floral design that can mixed and matched with a variety of your summer outfits. These will tell the world that you're ready to have FUN this summer!

Please make sure you visit Cindy at!!

And as usual...the coffee is always on @

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

Saturday 2 April 2016

SHOP of the WEEK....M. Scenna

Hello to you all!  Last year I introduced you to my friend and teammate: Marjorie Scenna.

Marjorie is a mom, preschool teacher, museum educator and crafter with a long time love for jewelry and vintage treasures.  No one can describe her special artistry as well as she can; so I have"borrowed" a snippet from her.

"My unique, handcrafted jewelry, keychains, home decor, garden accents and gifts begin with recycled vintage treasures from my collection. I'm always on the look out for unusual items, buttons and old costume jewelry to repurpose. I constantly explore yard sales, flea markets, and thrift shops to add to my collection. When I find something, I study it to see what speaks to me. A bead may become part of an earring or bracelet or a broken piece of jewelry might find a new home in an assemblage necklace, sun catcher or ornament. I like to play and move things around until it feels right!

My love of jewelry crafting has become a part of my daily life. My kitchen table, dining room, and backyard have all become part of my shop! I like to keep things available and ready if I feel inspired to work on something.

Selling my creations at craft shows and holiday fairs are a regular part of my process. I love meeting people, watching them try on pieces and hearing their thoughts about my jewelry, ornaments, and other creations. Etsy has a wonderful "upcoming market" feature for finding sellers in their local areas - be sure to check out the top of my shop's home page for that feature throughout the year and during the holiday times.

It takes a lot of spare time to make something, but when you truly enjoy it, it just has a way of happening! I look forward to sharing my beaded jewelry, key chains, home decor and ornaments with you!"

Flower Picture Frame, Button Frame, Green Pink Frame, Button Art, Recycled Jewelry, Photos, Spring Decor, Wedding Shower Gift, Mother's Day

Spring inspired vintage button picture frame in pastel green and pink accented with flowers, a lovely home decor accent. This photo frame is the perfect wedding, bridal shower and Mother's Day gift too! 

Inspired by treasures from my vintage button and jewelry collection, I began this picture frame with a green vintage flower brooch. From there I added bits and pieces of other jewelry and beads, several with floral designs, as well as vintage buttons in pastel and white tones. I layered the buttons and jewelry pieces around the frame, adding in more pieces until it looked just right. Various rhinestones and jewel pieces give the frame a bit of sparkle while keeping with the vintage inspired style.

While all other pieces are recycled, the wood picture frame is new and was painted off white. The buttons and jewelry pieces were glued on using strong craft glue. As this is handmade, please dust gently and do not wash or use spray cleaners. If a bit comes loose, it can be reattached with super glue or a craft glue.

The picture frame measures approximately 6" x 6" square.

Beaded Mobile, Crystal Bead Sun Catcher, Wind Chimes, Hanging Decor, Porch Decor, Gift Idea Women, Recycled Art, Garden Accent, Boho Decor

 Colorful recycled and repurposed beaded mobile sparkles in a rainbow of colors! This Boho style crystal sun catcher is a perfect hanging garden and yard accent or fun window and home decor. A great Mother's Day or garden lover gift idea too!

I created this unique sun catcher with items from my collection of vintage and repurposed treasures. The 14 colorful strands of beads are a fun mix of shapes, sizes, and textures and include a combination of glass, acrylic and ceramic. A charm or linked bead dangles at the bottom of each strand. The beads are strung on wire and attached to a small recycled off-white ceramic candy dish. The candy dish is decorated with red and green holly underneath and is not visible from the outside. The dish is topped with a metal ring and a vintage red crystal earring. Recycled silver metal chain is attached for hanging.

This colorful beaded sun catcher measures approximately 16" from the top of the hook to the end of the longest strand of beads.

Brown Crystal Keychain, Beaded Keychains, Key Rings, Zipper Pull, Gift Idea Women, Amber Topaz Beads, Beaded Handbag Charm, Chunky Key Ring

Crystal beaded keychain sparkles in shades of brown, amber and topaz with silver accents! This chunky beaded key ring is a colorful accent as a beaded handbag charm or zipper pull and great gift idea too!

This sparkling brown beaded key chain features a dangling cluster of recycled acrylic and glass beads in shades of brown that include amber, topaz, and tortoise with accent beads of silver and copper. They are attached to an antique silver finished embellishment. 

The finished combination is a keychain with a sparkling mix of beads in warm shades of brown!

This chunky brown beaded key chain measures approximately 6" long from end to end including flexible silver tone key chain.

Button Picture Frame, Wedding Picture Frame, Recycled Vintage Jewelry, Bridal Shower Gift, Silver Rhinestone Frame, Photo Frame, Home Decor

Sparkling silver and rhinestone picture frame adorned with vintage buttons and jewelry, perfect wedding or bridal shower gift with "something old". A lovely accent for a bedroom and home decor with vintage-inspired style!

Inspired by treasures from my vintage button and jewelry collection, I began this picture frame with a vintage rhinestone bow brooch. From there I added bits and pieces of other jewelry and pearl beads as well as vintage buttons in silver and white tones. I layered the buttons and jewelry pieces around the frame, adding in more pieces until it looked just right. The rhinestone pieces give the frame a bit of sparkle while keeping with the vintage inspired style.

While all other pieces are recycled, the wood picture frame is new and was painted off-white with silver spray glitter added on. The buttons and jewelry pieces were glued on using strong craft glue. As this is handmade, please dust gently and do not wash or use spray cleaners. If a bit comes loose, it can be reattached with super glue or a craft glue.

The picture frame measures approximately 6" x 6" square.

Crystal Sun Catcher, Wine Cork Ornament, Beaded Ornaments, Recycled Crafts, Garden Art, Flower, Home Decor, Window Decor, Mother's Day Gift

 Sparkling crystal beaded sun catcher and wine cork ornament accented with a colorful flower. A decorative hanging accent for a window, gardens or home. Lovely gift idea for Mother's Day too!

I created this colorful wine cork ornament starting with a brightly colored and repurposed jeweled flower (former clip-on earring) in the center then added a strand of colorful glass beads in blue, red, pink, green and yellow with a yellow teardrop bead at the bottom. The combination is a fun and colorful ornament!

The beads are strung on wire and attached with a gold tone eye hook. It measures approximately 5 1/4" long plus 2" gold tone ornament hook.

Trinket Dish, Gold Ring Dish, Jewelry Holder, Vintage Button Art, Recycled Jewelry Art, Ring Holder, Ceramic Candy Dish, Gift Idea for Women

I began this trinket dish with a vintage oval dish in off white color. The dish is stamped with an Anchor Hocking "Shenango China" logo on the bottom. A collage of vintage buttons, beads, and costume jewelry parts adorn the rim of the dish. They are clustered in alternating patterns which create interesting style and texture. The items are all mounted and glued together with a strong craft glue.

This dish is a one of a kind decorative accent, perfect for holding rings and jewelry, wrapped candy or business cards. This dish measures approximately 7.5 inches by 5 inches.

Recycled Wine Cork Ornament, Beaded Sun Catcher, Green Brown Ornament, Window Home Decor, Garden Porch Decor, Wine Charm, Wine Lover Gift

Sparkly recycled wine cork ornament in earthy shades of green and brown is a colorful beaded sun catcher and window decoration. Perfect garden, yard or porch accent too! Fun gift for a hostess or wine lover, a great addition to a gift basket!

This wine cork is decorated with vintage buttons, the center button featuring a rhinestone accent for sparkle. The hanging strand of beads is a mix of vintage glass and acrylic beads in varying colors of greens and browns. An olive green glass bead dangles at the bottom.

This beaded wine cork ornament measures approximately 5.5" long plus silver tone 

ornament hook.


Wednesday 16 March 2016

SHOP of the WEEK: Purple Bird Perfumes

Hello, cherished readers! Welcome Back!

I am back!!!  All internet issues (fingers crossed) are fixed!  Yeah!

I am excited to be back. I have a whole new schedule of blogs for you.  You will have to come back and join me when I talk about a wide variety of topics; from art history to fashion tips.

As excited as I am to be back; I am far more excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine: LucyNyu ElfenLied, owner & creator, Purple Bird Perfumes.

Lucy is fascinating!  She has had a very interesting life.  One that has led her to make and sell her passion:  "That little magic thing in your purse..."

That's right...perfume: vegan perfumes, soaps, and organic essential oils.  Lucy makes all of her naturally scented products in small batches from 100% botanical sources, combining natural raw essences, in a bed of organic coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Lucy's perfumes are magic in a bottle; fabulously unique scents.  Purple Bird Perfumes, also, sells essential oil reed diffusers, perfume atomizers, purse perfumes, floral, fruits perfumes, perfume bottle necklaces, air plant necklaces and much more!

Here is just a sampling of her wares:

 The scent that started it all.
  . "I started making perfumes after going with my kids to an Easter Hunt. A lady was amazed by the lavender perfume from the farm... but there were no lavenders on that farm. So. after a while, she found me all excited: "It is you! It is you! You smell so gooood!" I knew it was me because I had created the lavender perfume and was wearing it that day, but I am so shy I was just trying to hide beside the goats lol. And my husband laughs a lot because of the whole episode... but I never forgot that day and the idea of making something to bring happiness to all.. so I had to try! And I am having lots of fun... making soaps, shampoo, conditioners, perfumes, lip balms... every day I am creating something new. I just can't stop doing that and I love it soooo muuuuch!!!!

Lavender Perfume

This country fragrance, French lavender natural perfume oil is awesome! A wonderful fragrant bouquet from the French country side! Floral, herbaceous, fresh scent with a balsamic woody mid notes. Musk, cedarwood, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang in a delicate undertone. Romantic and glamorous.

Rose Geranium Perfume Oil

 Rose Geranium perfume oil will transport you to an enchanted garden. 

With notes of rose geranium, spearmint, cedar wood and lemongrass, it is fresh and at the same time seductive and totally feminine. You will just love it!
It is like a fiery rose conjuring the beauty, generating signals of love and passion.

Chocolate Perfume

Lusty and rich chocolate scent. Full, warm, creamy and slightly spice. This decadent perfume is made with amber, almond, cocoa, vanilla, nuances of jasmine and lilacs, peppermint and cinnamon. A yummy perfume!!!

Baby Perfume

Mon Petit Bébé Natural Perfume Oil: A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, Muguet and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine, and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base. 

Murano Air Plant Necklace

All these Murano glass perfume vial necklaces are 100% handmade and are sold with top hand-beaded corks and necklace chain and an air plant inside. You just need to wet the plant twice a week and that's it!!! No earth, no dirty, no mess... perfect! And a lovely gift!

Perfume Necklace

It is the original natural perfume oil made with Tiaré flowers (Tahitian gardenias)! Monoi Tiare Tahiti can't be found anywhere else in the world! Enjoy!!!!

Original, Monoi Oil Made by Tahitian Mamas

Melon Soap

Do you believe in magic? Be wide-eyed and innocent as a new-born child. All is new and you are the child that has not learned to fear. This soap is all about fairies, nature, flowers, birds, beach, fun, summer, refreshments, popsicles, parties, barbecues and swimming in a lake, not a worry in the world! It is like a pet with a child. Spring season... a shining, new life!
The generous size (almost half a kilo) makes this colorful soap great for the bath or shower. Sweet almond oil softens the skin for a soft, smooth feel. A total watermelon splash!!

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a special natural perfume oil with top notes of lily of the valley, mid notes of rose, chamomile, jasmine and sandalwood oils. The scent comes to a well-rounded finish with patchouli and lavender organic oil. You will feel wonderful with this lovely perfume. 

Masculine Perfume

Ocean Breeze vegan perfume. This masculine perfume has top notes of peppermint, coriander, rosemary, orange blossom and lavender. Middle notes of sandalwood and oakmoss. Base notes of amber and cedar. 

Cherry Blossom Perfume Oil

Cherry Blossom Natural Perfume Oil: All natural, cruelty-free. Light, sweet and refreshing, Japanese Cherry Blossom reminisces of fresh spring air. Fused with top notes of Asian pears, rose, mimosa petals and fuji apples, seductive jasmine and peony accentuates the floral notes of this scent. A combination of vanilla, patchouli, musk and creamy sandalwood at the base rounds out this fragrance. 
The delicate aroma is a metaphor for life itself, luminous and beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral.

5ml Perfume Bottle, Vegan Perfume

Natural Perfume Oil. This 5ml Vegan Perfume Bottle comes with a decadent, juicy honeydew melon fragrance. Light and refreshing. Top notes of sweet peach, melon with nuances of juicy berries. Heart notes of pineapple leading to powder at the base.

You can take your perfume everywhere, carry it in your purse.
They aren't only perfumes, they are like magic potions! Use and see for yourself, the magic happening... people will think they are on a lavender farm in the middle of the city, at the office, at home... or you may wear it on a date and enchant the other person. Just be careful, because people will actually fall in love with you!

Our perfumes are totally natural, hypoallergenic. 
NEVER tested on animals!
No alcohol or harmful products to dry your skin.
No artificial colors added.
No parabens or other harsh preservatives.
No sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, 100% organic, natural and vegetarian ingredients. 
Please contact me if you have any allergy concerns as there is much more to the Purple Bird Perfume than what is listed. If redness, rash or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use and/or consult your physician. Avoid by children and during pregnancy. 

Please visit Lucy's shop:

Thank you for stopping by!! Come back any time!  The coffe is alway is on.