Tuesday, 19 April 2016

SHOP of the WEEK: ALTEREDsewFittingly

Happy Tuesday to you all!!

Today's shop of the week is AlteredsewFittingly.  You may remember BethAnn from my post last August ).  

BethAnn has so many new and wonderful items!!  I just had to share some of them with you!!

BethAnn says her "fascination with the odd perspectives is the key to almost all my designs. Turning things upside down, inside out, imagining another scale, whether super-sized or tiny miniatures and the rich textures of nature are what I try to share in my handcrafts. I love to sew as well and try to incorporate needlework whenever possible."

Here is just a selection of her goodies:

Dollhouse4aDoll'aHouse~TINY~Miniature Dollhouse

Tiny. House for a dollhouse! Unsanded, unpainted, unfinished Balsa wood.

3 Rooms, two upper with a pass-thru doorway, one large room lower level.
Open front with a partial roof, a deep slanting roof on the open back.
Representation of a chimney at one end.

Use your imagination; this can even be decorated and furnished for tiny q-tip people! Added to fairy garden home or put it on a shish-kabob skewer to use for a plant poke! 

SIZE: 2" x 2" x 1"

Pinecone Flowers ~ tiny

Yes, they ARE way more difficult to make than it would appear to be!

Each tiny "flower" is about 1" wide when I have finished carving it, then it's drilled and attached to a painted bamboo shishkabob skewer for a stem. The various sturdy pine cones have also been oven-dried for two hours (eliminating any clinging organisms), dipped in a white primer solution, dried again, then painted with three layers of colorful acrylics, dried once more and finished with a water-resistant top coat.

I like the fantasy varieties best, but many seemingly resemble marigolds, zinnias, chicory, forget-me-nots and johnny jump-up violets to name a few!

Give your potted green plants some encouragement or pop a dash of color into the garden to motivate them to get blooming!

DREAM topsy-turvy BELIEVE

I hand-painted this weathered vintage door panel with highly stylized words to inspire! 

A topsy-turvy whimsical fantasy font that can be hung upside-down to or right side up!
When you "see" the words, it reads "DReAM" one way and "bElieve" the other. 
Rough and uncoated, not a stencil, not a vinyl cut-out, the imperfections are part of its rustic charm. The reverse side has the chippy original paint with an epoxy-glued wire hanger . 

Signed and dated in roman numerals on the edge!


Ladybugs are ADORABLE!!! These mega-LadyBugs are TOUGH, too! (Made of vintage Croquet ball manufacturing discards!

Dressed up to become a splash of color and whimsical highlight in your garden or large flowerpot! Finished with several clear coats of special UV protection polyurethane for outdoor (or indoor) use, they are Numbered, signed and dated by the artist; me!

A "mounting bracket" made of PVC end-cap has been permanently attached to original under surface with clear epoxy before being painted. Re-positionable, it press-fits, attaching to longer sections of PVC pipe "stems" which can be obtained at most hardware stores. They may even cut it for you, (diagram will be enclosed) or use a regular hand- hacksaw to easily cut to custom lengths then spray paint with Krylon for Plastics to blend in with other plant greens, instructions included, to keep your Ladybug flying high ABOVE the height of your growing plants.

Storage Rack ~PlanterBox 
Storage for magazines, mail caddy, a planter for orchids in a bathroom; just a few of the uses you might find for this rustic rescued vintage chair-back. Somewhere, someone will be reminded of Hurricane Sandy if they saw the remains of this spindle bow, but that can be your secret! Made of real wood, this upcycled wall hanging could also sit flat on a shelf.

SIZE: appx. 15" wide x 20" high x 4-1/2" deep

Watermelon, Tree Slice, Primitive, Save-the-Date, Wedding Tablesetting, Summer Party Centerpiece

A fun symbol of abundance: Watermelon! 

These tree slices are the remains of a timber harvest; this section removed just before a tree was felled. Gathered years later from the forest floor it has been dried slowly and heat-treated for sanitation, stained with acrylic paints on one side and matte sealed to resemble a favorite summertime treat!

The other side which was left rough-sawn and unpainted to reveal the natural yearly growth rings (that may still be counted) has been signed and dated by stained carving.

Sustainably harvested from storm damaged trees on private property with respect for ecosystems.

No two slices will be exactly the same.

Thank you for stopping by!!!  Please visit BethAnn at  and me on my new website

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