Sunday, 20 September 2015

OUR NEWEST PIECE (20 September 2015)

Blue Mismatched Asian Earrings/

Miniature Vase Jewelry/ 

Porcelain Earring/ 

Blue Jewelry

Blue mismatched Asian earrings. Blue asymmetrical Dutch earrings. It doesn't matter what I call them....I LOVE these earrings. I bought a bulk "mystery" bag of porcelain beads from one of my suppliers and these were the only ones like them. Four (4) pounds of beads! They stood out like 2 diamonds!

Anyway, these little beauties hang 2" from the top of the French hook. As with all of my dangle earrings, I added a silicone back for extra security.

I accented them with cobalt pressed glass donuts and round periwinkle cultured sea glass beads.

These earrings will soon become your everyday earrings.

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  1. I like your earrings, haven't tried to make any but I like what you did.

    I did want to ask: would you be willing to share where you got your display? I have seen them before but haven't been able to find a source.

    Thanks and again I do like your earrings.


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot!! Here is the link to the store I bought the display AND the stones. I would love to see what you make...and how they look on the display. Good luck and Happy Sales!! Rosee