Tuesday, 4 August 2015

TREASURY TUESDAY Today's treasure is ALTEREDsewFittingly

Hey there!  Today I am featuring .  ALTERED Sew Fittingly is owned by BethAnn Pearce-Davis.

I love BethAnn's description of herself: "Instigator and Mess Maker, Rebellious x-spouse (career military), Mom of 2 impressive young men doing their own distant family things, I'm a boomer of the un-sandwiched generation, helping where I can." 

I had to chuckle!  I knew here shop was going to be FUN and ECLECTIC!  I was not let down and you won't be either!

I asked BethAnn if I could feature her shop.  Besides saying yes, she asked if I might tell the story of Septarian Concretions (AKA Brown Lightning Rocks or Turtle Rocks).  Of course I will, it is very interesting!  But first I will show you some of the other goodies in her shop (all of the descriptions are written by BethAnn for her Etsy Shop):

 3 Jigsaw digital puzzles
 Digital Jigsaw Puzzle links to work these striking photos online will be included with a clean (without a watermark) digital download of each of the three photographs in the set you purchase. Seeds available in the fall with special request!

  Automotive Battery Cell Tester, Vintage, Davenset "Silver Beauty"TM
What a great find! A must-have accessory for classic car owners. This antique battery cell tester was made in England ca. 1950 by Partridge Wilson and Co, LTD for Triple-A Specialty Co. of Chicago Illinois. Production started in 1947. This tester has a beautiful, working dial viewmeter in a very uniquely stylish bakelite housing with stainless steel prongs. British Patent No. 616860. (Or steampunk pseudo-weapon wanna-be?)  

Shelf book (literally)
This listing is JUST for the two books in this particular Shelf set; titled HOURS OF GLADNESS (still readable) which is held aloft by a section of Reader's Digest Condensed "bracket book" THE DEVIL'S ALTERNATIVE (lol) Destined to become an heirloom, a shelf that will last generations.

Objects to decorate the shelf, following any theme, may be ordered separately but are not included at quoted price.

These Shelf Books are carefully hand-crafted by ME from my own collection of books that have been rescued from various perils (or send me your beloved college texts, etc) to become useful, functional, even humerus objects that will always start a lively conversation when noticed!

Extra time is required for delivery of made-to-order shelves.

Request grouped titles for various occupations / interests.
Each purchaser will have a completely different relationship with bookshelf, that only they can identify, honoring and celebrating rich histories, entertaining for years to come!

Specific titles MAY be obtained FOR you at nominal cost, however, historic or rare books (yours or mine) will be NOT be sacrificed without your notarized, written consent in advance. (Contract terms available.)

Shadow-box compartments, etc can be cut in for an additional fee which will vary according to depth, size, lining material, etc. Be sure to ask when ordering!

This is an example of a Standard Two-Book Shelf; with relevant titles, solidified. Stainless keyhole is inset on the hanging edge for sturdy, flush mounting, 2 pc.drywall screw set included.

Extra books can be stacked, or added to the pedestal for (avg) $15 each.

Five-Book-Groupings are most impressive, priced at $80 and up.

Rates are negotiable according to availability & preferences, your books or mine, etc. I accept partial payments during the creating process and will send jpg updates of progress if requested!

You are probably already thinking about a special someone we can delight!


10% of all profits benefit local outreach efforts of ALTEREDsewFittingly to assist local Hospice-at-Home, Senior Citizens, Rehabilitation and Convalescent Residents, US Veterans and the "Differently-abled".


Peace Wreath
This symbol of Peace wreath is stockier and heavier than most, made from
a very stout tree branch for the symbol and wrapped with vines of
bittersweet. Your purchase actually helps in the fight to control a
nuisance! These vines are beautiful when growing and bearing fruit, but
has become a rampant invasive species in this part of the country!

Oriental Bittersweet vines are killing trees by girdling and shading
indigenous plants it has caused a lot of problems in natural
wooded areas. Information with a map and links to the USDA and
other informative sites will be included free. 

 Footprint~Steampunk~Baby Blue~ WatchGears~Framed assemblege collage~wall art
Just the thing for a baby shower, or an uplifting surprise if someone you know is "expecting", "can't wait" for that time or wants to announce!

Baby blue painted wood frame shadowbox: Boy Time!

So precious, "Baby Footprints"; an assemblage collage of shiny
Vintage Watch Parts! Made, professionally framed and sealed by:

"The Watch Works" formerly of Muskegon, Michigan

Bathtub miniature, la Tina de Bano miniatura, Badkuip miniatuur, Baignoire miniature
Real Porcelain replica for dollhouse or miniature room box crafting 

 Lightening Stones~Picked Just 4 You~Rare Beach Find
 If you purchase this listing, I will be FORCED to take a stroll on the beach just to find the perfect rock that will make it's new home with you. SERIOUSLY.

Not just any old rock, Google the lightening rocks of south west Michigan and find out how the puzzling patterns were formed!

Check out Pinterest and other ETSY sellers who polish them and craft with them! The stones I find for you will in the rough, just as they were found, and I will take pictures of it's surroundings when I find it.

Priority mailers can include up to 75 lbs for the same price, so let me know if you can't stop at just one!

Well, upon BethAnn's suggestion, I Googled them. Lightning Rocks are clay cemented into an iron mineral called siderite. The cracks fill with calcite brought in by ground water. The white lightning like patterns form in part through bacterial activity. These stones are quite rare.  Boy, they polish up beautifully!!! Below is just a sample. 

Here is the link to BethAnn's shop

As always,
Thanks for stopping by!  Please visit again or drop by the shop the coffee is always on.


  1. Thank You SO much for the lovely write-up and multiple-listing showcase in your Blog! I am flattered to have my ETSY shop chosen for this honor!

  2. You are very welcome and I am thrilled you liked it!!! I had so much fun with your shop!!! I LOVE it!!!