Thursday, 2 April 2015


Oh boy!!!  I have found some amazing gadgets and gizmos this week.  Umbrellas without tops...yes you read that right.  A clock with any arms you want and to hang wherever you want!  The possibilities are endless.  You can change it up for each season or holiday!  Wait until you see the last of the five!   I wish I had this when my kids were little.

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 "We're really hoping Bomi Kim's Meaning of Time concept goes into production, because the simple idea is simply brilliant. The mechanical centerpiece allows for customizable clock hands of your own choice to be used, opening a world of ideas specific to your own decor (or sense of humour)"
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 As you know from last week, my kids' birthdays are coming up!  It's going to be a gadget filled year!
Music Branch Headphones....Brilliant
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 A lounger, a chair, a beach cart need I say more???

I really enjoy and am inspired by all of these ingenious items!  It is invigorating to see such innovation
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