Monday, 6 April 2015


Welcome back!!  I hope you all had a happy and Blessed Easter!  I know we did here!
It is Easter Monday, a holiday here, so I did not work in the studio today.  I did however enjoy browsing the internet.  I found so many examples from my favorite masters (painters not golf ;)  ).
I would love to share ALL of them today....but there are way to many!!!!!  It was such an awesome way to spend the day. 

Here is a sampling I took from a public domain search of the artists' names.
Alice Ravenel Huger Smith  Swamp At Night

Henri Matisse  High Tide

Claude Monet  Spring in Vetheuil

Paul Klee Park near Lu

Camille Pissaro  Apple Picking

August Renoir The Clearing 2

Paul Gauguin Tahitian Women under the Palms

Johannes Vermeer The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Vincent Van Gogh  Cafe Terrace at Night

Andrew Wyeth  Distant Thunder

These are in no particular order; but, Van Gogh's picture and the article with it is what sparked the idea of a "master's Monday".  By the way, do you see the Lord's Last Supper in Van Gogh's Painting?

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