Friday, 10 April 2015


Hi there.  This is a new installment for the Silver Penny Artisans Blog.  I love humor.  The paraphrase the cliche:  it really is the best medicine!!  The humor I share with you today was sent to me.  I don't know the origins...other than the internet (pretty broad, right???). If this becomes a popular post, I will try this segment again next stay tuned to see how popular it was!

 I will ALWAYS remember the difference betweem a weather WATCH and a weather WARNING now!!!

 Mark Twain is the greatest curmudgeon the ever was!!!  He always found the perfect words...right?

 Another fine example of humor driving home the point (which is about punctuation...the point about women is just a bonus ;) )

 I am not usually one for "potty humor" but this made me giggle....

 I can't believe these are real.  Seriously, in Alaska they had problems with flamingos?  Even more unbelievable that there were so many people bringing them in to barber shops they had to write a law against it? hahahaha.  Arkansas----REALLY????  Ok Colorado, You can't taunt a cop but you can smoke pot!!!  That's just cruel!   Florida.....That is just really sad.  I wonder how many people in Wisconsin break that law???   And NEW YORK!!! Is Halloween illegal too?????

I hope you all enjoy an amazing weekend!!! 

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