Saturday, 24 October 2015

SURPRISE SATURDAY ~~~A Lisa Lodge Challenge~~~October 24, 2015

Lisa Lodge &  Pine Ridges Treasures'
Ceramic Bead Challenge

I love Lisa's blog hops and challenges.  I am not sure which part of the challenge I like best:  the creating or opening the mystery package to see what you will be working with.

For this ceramic challenge, Lisa offered two options:  Kit A and Kit B.  I took both...why right?  Double the fun!!!

Here is KIT A:

So many options......  but certain of my supplies spoke to me,  At least, as far as what to use with these handmade ceramic beads.     Here are the ceramics with my supplies:

I rarely stick with my original thoughts and plans.  I don't even remember what my original designs were.  They must have been pretty bad.  lol
Here are the final products for KIT A:

 Here is Kit B:

Here is a picture of the handmade ceramic beads with all of the items I wanted to include with these beautiful beads:

 You will see from the final pictures that I wasn't quite able to incorporate all of the materials.  I gave it a good try!

I had tremendous fun making these items!  I am looking forward to the next challenge on Dec 5, 2015.

The handmade ceramic beads are made by one of my favorite ceramic bead makers, Grubbi.

These items will be available in my shop soon!  

Remember to stop by !  The coffee is always on!  Thanks for visiting!

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