Sunday, 22 March 2015


Hi my devoted readers!!  I am sorry I have been away so long.  This blogging thing is not as easy as people make it look.  I have such a hard time thinking of what to write about.

I have spent much time trying to decide what you might like.  Then I asked myself, am I writing the blog for me or you, my devoted readers.  My conclusion:  Both.  One day a week, I will journal my jewelry making journey.  I will share all my ups and downs; trials and tribulations.  That should be funny…I am all thumbs so there should be a lot about spilling beads….

One day will be about something I learned that week.  I hope you will find the topic as interesting.  I would like to have guest bloggers from time to time.  I would also like to have a reader’s choice day.  I can either re post a blog or we can talk about something you are interested in.

Your feedback is so so important to me.  Please leave comments from time to time and let me know if I am on the right path (or not) Thank you!!
Well then…we started with gems...let’s continue with gems.
I am going to post images I have found on the web.  Please visit the people who originally posted these pictures.  I found them all in the public domain but have given credit where I could.

The first picture is a nice and fairly comprehensive compilation of gemstones.  There are some faux stones shown amongst the others.   You will be able to recognize them and have a better idea of what to pay for them. 

Like flowers, gemstones have meanings.

The next image is a guide to the care of gemstones.
And the last is purely for fun...
I hope you enjoy this information.  Thank you to all of the people who posted this info originally.

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